Sponsler v. Sponsler

This case made a second appearance before the Georgia Supreme Court. Jeffrey Sponsler (Husband) appealed the trial court’s order finding him in contempt of the final decree effectuating his divorce from April Sponsler (Wife). When the Supreme Court granted Husband’s application, it issued two questions for argument and consideration: (1) Did the trial court err by ordering both parties to share responsibility for home equity line of credit (HELOC) payments on the rental home until it is sold? (2) Did the trial court err by ordering Husband to repair the rental property? The Court found that although the trial court ultimately did not err in finding Husband to be in contempt of the divorce decree, the trial court did err by ordering Husband to share ongoing responsibility for HELOC payments and to make repairs to the rental property. View "Sponsler v. Sponsler" on Justia Law

Posted in: Family Law

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